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Vogue | 6th Edition | Opening on Friday, 9th of June from 6pm to 9pm at our gallery space from Tower Bridge area.

Boomer Gallery, 150 Tooley Street, SE1 2TU, London.

Everyone is welcome. No RSVP!

What is the right approach to contemporary art when there is so much going on?

There is so much going on in art right now that we often feel confused and we ask ourselves- why is a certain artist successful and I’m not?

Well, nobody has a straight forward answer for this question but if we get a closer look at the very successful artists we often see a pattern, they tend to get inspired from each other, they follow the VOGUE.

The aim of this exhibition is to see how contemporary artists respond to contemporary world and to connect them and their work with an wider audience.

NO RSVP! Everyone is welcome!

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