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At the heart of our mission is the desire to propel contemporary artists into the spotlight, championing excellence and nurturing talent in the diverse world of art. Our open calls represent a stage for your creative voice to be heard, a platform for your visions to be seen, and an opportunity to connect with a global audience.

These international calls are open doors, inviting artists from all walks of life to step forward. Embrace this chance to showcase your unique perspective and innovative creations. Step into a world where your artistry takes center stage, where your talent meets opportunity. Explore our current open calls below, and embark on a journey of artistic growth and recognition. Apply now and let the world witness your creativity.

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Featured Artist | Showcase Your Art On Our International Platform

featured artist unlock the door to global acclaim

Boomer Gallery is thrilled to unveil an exceptional opportunity in our continuous journey to champion artists: The “Featured Artist” Program.

With a monthly reach exceeding 100,000 visitors on our website, instagram, affiliated partner websites and a vast network of collectors and art enthusiasts through our exclusive mailing lists, we are positioned to dramatically elevate the careers of artists chosen to be permanently showcased on our platform.

How Does It Work?

Artists selected for the “Featured Artist” program will receive a dedicated profile on our website, complete with a direct hyperlink to their personal portfolios. This not only enhances the understanding and appreciation of the artist's work by potential collectors but also significantly boosts the artist’s credibility through association with an esteemed gallery.

In addition, permanent QR codes will be prominently displayed within our gallery space from Central London. These codes will guide visitors directly to the landing page containing all featured profiles, creating a seamless bridge between the physical and digital domains of art appreciation.

This exclusive feature spans two years, offering exposure to an estimated audience of over 2.6 million visitors, both online and in-person through our centrally located London gallery via QR codes.

Key Benefits

1. Global Exposure: Your work will be accessible to over 100,000 monthly visitors, offering you a vast audience from around the world.

2. Established Gallery Association: Being featured on our site links you with our prestigious reputation, enhancing your credibility in the art world.

3. Direct Connection to Collectors: Your unique profile will include a hyperlink directly to your personal portfolio, making it easy for collectors and enthusiasts to find and appreciate your work.

4. Permanent Display in Prime Location: Permanent QR codes in our Tower Bridge, London gallery space will direct physical visitors to your online profile, bridging the gap between offline and online worlds.

5. Extended Feature Duration: Enjoy a two-year feature, ensuring long-term visibility and engagement with a wide audience, both online and in-person.

6. Professional Networking: Gain access to our private mailing networks, connecting you with thousands of collectors and art enthusiasts.

7. Increased Online Presence: With every online search for your name, your association with an established gallery will be prominent, improving your SEO and online visibility.

8. Credibility Boost: Working with an established gallery not only enhances your professional reputation but also increases the trust potential buyers have in your work.

9. Personalized Artist Promotion: The gallery will actively promote your profile through various channels, ensuring your art reaches as wide an audience as possible.

10. Opportunity for Sales Growth: Being a featured artist opens up new opportunities for sales through our gallery’s extensive network of art buyers and collectors.

11. Dedicated Instagram Feature: Enjoy a personalized showcase with a dedicated post on our popular Instagram page, connecting your art with our extensive social media audience.

12. Priority Support: Enjoy dedicated support from our team for any needs related to your feature on our website or other promotional activities.

13. Enhanced Artistic Identity: Being selected as a featured artist solidifies your standing in the art community, making your work more desirable to collectors.

14. Increased Engagement: Your dedicated profile allows for deeper engagement with your work, providing space for detailed descriptions and insights into your creative process.

15. Long-Term Professional Relationship: Forge a lasting relationship with our gallery, opening doors to future opportunities beyond the initial two-year feature.

16. Feedback and Insights: Benefit from the feedback of thousands of visitors to our website and physical gallery space, offering valuable insights into public reception of your work.

17. Exclusive Marketing Opportunities: Leverage the gallery’s marketing and promotional efforts to further amplify your visibility within the art market.

18. Community and Collaboration: Become part of a select group of featured artists, offering potential for collaboration and community building.

19. Recognition and Prestige: Achieve recognition as a featured artist, enhancing your portfolio and contributing to your overall prestige in the art community.

20. Strategic Career Development: Utilize this opportunity as a strategic move in your career development, positioning yourself within an international platform of high visibility and prestige.

How To Apply?

This opportunity is cost-based and designed to maximize the visibility and impact of your art. To learn more about the application process, fees, and what we require to craft your profile for the “Featured Artist” program, please reach out to us at

Seize this unparalleled opportunity to amplify the global reach of your art, making an indelible mark on the art world.

Wishing You All The Best,

Boomer Gallery.

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