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Have your work reviewed by world-renowned art critics- This Week's Spotlight:

Xin Zhang


Have you ever dreamed of having your art recognized on a global stage? Boomer Gallery offers an unparalleled chance for artists to place their works under the discerning eyes of world-leading art critics.

Boomer Gallery is proud to introduce “Critic's Spotlight”, a pioneering initiative designed to showcase and elevate artists and their exceptional work. Drawing from our history of collaborations with global art experts, we've forged a unique platform, bridging the gap between emerging talents and the renowned titans of the art world.

We understand the aspirations of emerging artists and have created a path for you.

The Opportunity

Seize the chance to earn a review from Anthony Fawcett or Tabish Khan, two titans in the sphere of art criticism. This isn’t merely a review, it's an endorsement, a mark of excellence, and a potential catalyst for your career.

About the Critics

Anthony Fawcett, the esteemed art critic and historian, once served as John Lennon and Yoko Ono's personal curator. His illustrious career includes introducing Man Ray to London, collaborating with icons like Andy Warhol, and assuming pivotal roles in leading art institutions. Fawcett is renowned for his 80 historical interviews with legends such as Francis Bacon, David Hockney, Jean Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Julian Schnabel, Gilbert & George and many others.

Tabish Khan stands as a pillar for democratizing art access. As a prominent art critic deeply embedded in London's art scene, he is the visual arts editor for Londonist and a staple contributor to Culture Whisper. Through his weekly top 5 exhibitions for FAD, Khan continually sheds a light on the top exhibitions to see. His dedication transcends just critiques, Khan actively supports institutions like ArtCan, City & Guilds London Art School, and Discerning Eye, championing artists and exhibitions.

About the Costs

Here’s the best part! Submitting your artwork is absolutely free. You'll only incur a fee if a critic is inspired to review your works. This ensures you're investing only in genuine, expert feedback.

Interested in learning about Anthony’s and Tabish’s specific fees and the application process? Drop us an email at, and we'll send you all necessary details.

Time-Sensitive Opportunity: The "Critic's Spotlight" program is available for a limited period. Given the unique nature of this opportunity and the esteemed critics involved, we encourage artists to act swiftly to ensure their submissions are considered.

For any questions or further details, feel free to contact us at the provided email address.

Embrace this unmatched chance to feature in the “Critic's Spotlight” and amplify your art's resonance worldwide.

Good Luck To You All!

Critic’s Spotlight by Boomer Gallery

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