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This Week: Elena Florentina Radu

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Meet Our Distinguished Featured Artists

Welcoming Elena Florentina Radu to Our Esteemed Artists' Circle

I'm a painter based in London, originally from the Black Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania, Romania. Growing up in such mystical and historical surroundings, immortalized by Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker, deeply influenced me.

Painting started at school for me, evolving into a style I call "ordered chaos." My work is a highly charged attack on canvas, reflecting my inner feelings and conflicts. These pieces come from my dreams, subconscious, and early memories of Romania, represented as splashes of witnesses under certain patterns.

Now in a North London studio, I interpret my clouded dreams and desires through abstract expressionism, with hidden faces and figures beneath thick layers of impasto paint. Perhaps you, the viewer, can penetrate my symbology?

To discover more about Elena Florentina Radu’s art and journey, please click here

Welcoming Ramona Militaru to Our Esteemed Artists' Circle

a woman sitting on a chair in front of a painting easel

Romanian-born, self-taught, mixed media artist, based in Washington D.C.

I have found the visual act of creation while having a career in international fi- nance and having surpassed an extensive series of traumatic experiences. My work, born in the midst of the pandemic, represents a cathartic expression of the highs and lows of my innermost self.

I see my newfound artistic talent as a portal through which I can share my soul distillations—therapeutic messages from my own journey I would like shared with the world. I enjoy experimenting with new processes, new media, and my choice of media is intricately linked to my vision and message.

To discover more about Ramona Militaru’s art and journey, please click here

Welcoming Sevda Uykan to Our Esteemed Artists' Circle

Sevda Uykan is a British artist. Born into a Yugoslavian family in Istanbul, living in the United Kingdom. Her bold, vividly coloured artworks reflect her multi-cultural background. Her signature style is to use acrylic on canvas and then add pieces of embroidery. In her artworks, she focuses on women and freedom where she challenges the perceptions of fear and the shame. Sevda's artworks have been exhibited in many art galleries in London. Sevda is also a psychotherapist in training. She has published art books and beautifully illustrated children's books.

Welcoming Giorgios Gio Vassiliou to Our Esteemed Artists' Circle

a man painting a portrait

Giorgios Gio Vassiliou (b.1970 Athens)

Globally awarded  visual artist, known as the founder and inventor of Transcendental Surrealism in visual arts and poetry.

He is a pioneer globally awarded visual artist known as the founder and inventor of Transcendental Surrealism in visual arts.

He is also considered by art experts as the successor of the great Salvador Dali for Transcendental Surrealism artistic movement.

Transcendental Surrealism is also considered the new Surrealism of  21st century.

Welcoming Jing Qiu to Our Esteemed Artists' Circle

夕枭Jing Qiu (b.1998, China) Artist、curator. His artistic creations include painting, sculpture, installation, video and cooking.

His works have been exhibited in many professional art museums and galleries at home and abroad, such as the Iris Art Museum in Suzhou, the Ducal Palace of Gattopardo in Italy, the Prince Charles Cinema in London, UK, Yu Heng Art Museum in Guangzhou, the Yellow Box Art Museum in Qingdao, and the BFM Art Centre in Hangzhou.

To discover more about Jing Qiu’s art and journey, please click here

Welcoming Silke Wolff to Our Esteemed Artists' Circle

The post pop art fine artist Silke Wolff opens a secret, supernatural universe with her metaphysical graphics.

By her broadened consciousness, which she has been developing for 30 years of daily meditative practice, she is able to perceive this sphere of existence.

Such unique situations she catches with oil pastel drawings in sketch books. From these ideas for her cycles with series arise, which she creates as digital collages, completed with texts.

To discover more about Silke Wolff’s art and journey, please click here

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