Gallery Hire

We're thrilled to announce the opening of our prestigious gallery for artists who wish to host their solo shows. This development comes in response to the increasing demand we've been receiving for such opportunities.

Steeped in the vibrant pulse of London's famed Tower Bridge district, Boomer Gallery is your launchpad for artistic expression. We're located where London's rich past intersects with its dynamic present, offering you a stage that's as unique as your art.

Our gallery, a blend of classic Victorian architecture and contemporary accents, boasts a staggering 1200 square feet divided amongst three exhibition rooms and an enticing private bar in the heart of the gallery. It's a space like no other in Central London - perfect for your next solo/ group show.

The shows in our gallery are always packed with art enthusiasts, collectors, and everyday visitors. This is due to the fact that we are located on Tooley Street, the street that connects London Bridge to Tower Bridge and the Crown Castle. To put that into perspective, Tower Bridge and London Bridge are less than a 4-minute walking distance from the gallery.

Here is the package we offer:

Self-Service ( £3000 + Vat for 6 days)

Perfect for the independent artists, this package offers you full control over the installation, delivery, sales, press releases, and everything else tied to your show. We'll equip you with a hanging system and all necessary installation tools. For this option, we require a £500 security deposit, which is additional to the hire cost. This deposit will be fully refunded at the end of the period, provided there are no damages to the space.

Please note that each artist is responsible for anything tied to the show, we will only hire you the space.

As a token of appreciation, artists who've previously exhibited with us receive a 10% discount.

Our prices are thoughtfully designed to support artists, offering you the chance to host a solo show in a exclusivist location often beyond reach.

For art organizations seeking to hire the space for brand-specific shows, please note that the prices are 110% higher.

This pricing structure underscores our commitment to fostering artists' growth and making high-quality spaces more accessible to you.

To inquire about availability and dates or any other questions you might have, kindly email us at [email protected].

We invite you to view the pictures from our previous events to get a glimpse of what your exhibition at Boomer Gallery could look like.

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