Embracing the energetic pulse of the globally-renowned Tower Bridge district in London, Boomer Gallery stands as a formidable beacon of artistic expression. Birthed from the creative minds of London-based artists and art enthusiasts, our gallery serves as a conduit for transcending cultural boundaries, illuminating hidden artistic gems, and catapulting talented artists into the limelight of a wider, appreciative audience.

Boomer Gallery thrives amidst architectural titans such as The Shard and London Bridge. Rooted in the historic grandeur and the vibrant, ceaseless energy of London, the gallery stands as a symbolic nexus where the city's rich heritage and dynamic present converge.

Our venue encapsulates the essence of London's unique architectural lineage through its traditional Victorian brick walls. Offering a refreshing touch of modern sophistication, an exclusive private bar for our patrons amplifies the charm and allure of our space. This potent fusion of past and present culminates in an atmosphere as diverse and distinctive as the city of London itself – a place where tradition and innovation engage in a continuous, captivating dance.

Seated at the epicentre of one of the world's most visited locations, Boomer Gallery carves out an extraordinary space for the exhibition of contemporary art. Step into our gallery, an arena where art intertwines with history, and let yourself be immersed in the mesmerizing world of creativity at the very heart of Tower Bridge.

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