Good luck to you all!
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It’s been 3 years since we started to do pop up exhibitions in London and almost a year since we’ve opened the doors of our permanent gallery space in Aldgate. With support from artists and audience from all around the globe we have decided to make the next logical step into our ongoing ascendence in the international art scene, “SOLO SHOWS”. Many thanks to all the participants, it’s been a great honour for our team to review so many talented artists. Here are the 30 semifinalists. 1. Aodan 2. Roberto Rafael Navarrete 3. Carla Scemama 4. Nikki Raitz Raitz 5. Athena Anastasiou Anastasiou 6. Leo Morey 7. Camilla Hanney 8. Karolina Ptaszkowska 9. Chi Keung Cheung 10. Alicia Torres 11. Natalia Abramishvili 12. Mira Argunova 13. Laura Jane Scott 14. Giusy Lauriola 15. Mary Ann Francisco 16. Pie Herring 17. Yurim Gough 18. Tho Viardin 19. Lucy Gregory 20. Kat Evans 21. Pablo Castaeda 22. Borbala Eszteri 23. Ann Bubis 24. KV Duong 25. Melanie Furtado 26. Mindrean Doina Doina 27. Asia Nowicki 28. Vasilis Angelopoulos 29. Giampiero Abate 30. Eva Wang In the next two days the 30 preselected artists will be contacted individually by our gallery and will be asked to send additional work (another 2 or 3 works that will help the jury in making the final decision). Final. On 30 November the jury will select the 4 winners of our competition. The final results will be available on our website on 01 December.