Marking one year since the opening of our gallery space in Central London, we have decided to have an exhibition celebrating this and the on going ascendence of our organisation through good and bad times. This Show Will Come With A Lot Of Awards!!! Three artists will be selected to participate in our next group show in July. Also, each of the three artists will get a £200 cash prize. Who will select the three artists? On the opening event we will have a jar containing all the names of the participants and a member from the audience will select three random names. The selection will be broadcasted live on our Instagram page @boomergallery.
This Is A Time Slot Based Event. To book a time slot kindly email us at [email protected]
Participating Artists
Michal Adelt Suyi Xu Brian Trees Oshi Ranjit Sagoo Victor Gounel Bridie Hinton JuneSuk Park Francesca Neri Mystis Lucy Peters Fo Tianyuan Hu Ben Snowden Maria Cun-Rou Sanniya Adnan Warren Dennis Pascie Aysha Mendes Ronja Luise Henter Jenny Jiyoung Han Paul James Annette Aspen Ekaterina Vygolova Barbara Brundage Maggie Wen Vicky Paul Divergent Agency LOUISE VILLA Parker Shatkin Samuel Keysell Kelani Fatai J R Oatts Vivek Pereira Freya Nash John Gorman Dallas Athent