Artsy Mood | Opening Event
The last two years have been very challenging and unprecedented for our generation and while most of the industries stopped working, the artists have done what they always do- working hard in their studios. The purpose of this exhibition is to celebrate the commitment of contemporary artists & to connect them with a new and wider audience.
This Is A Time Slot Based Event. To book a time slot kindly email us at [email protected]
Aljohara Iren Dolgorukova Inna Sych Riky Christian Ceirra Evans Hongil Yoon Samuel Woerdeman Kohlben Vodden Fiorella Vair Yuri Lempl Alicia Olejniczak Marina WitteMann Svetlana Catif-Filonova Sanna Monica Penafiel Caren Jo Shapiro ONYA Elena Carolina Savelii Shurshev Alexa Avery Katia Zakharova J.Qu Lilia Lisica Leah Oates Mi-jin Chun Alena Zozulenko Pauline Schulze Rachel Sierra Penn Tang Tamungang Madie Johnson Vilma Leino Gerry Niemierowko Jongwon Choi Carla Walker Emily Edwards Rina Bugaets Thomas Raftis Xenia Maddie Mellon Petra Korte Renee Freville Lisa Konovalova Vera Kulikova